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It’s back!

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

My computer is back from the dead! Well.. I got it back on the second, took me awhile to post anything. I fail at a blogger. Minus everything I had on it. Thankfully not everything was lost, I still had a bunch of files still saved on my old laptop, and my many USB drives. So, it is not a total loss. Still have to rip all the CDs I own back onto my computer… I had over a thousand songs. O_O Who even listens to that many songs?

I suck at this. Haha. I haven’t even done anything that I said I was going to. I still might not even get around to it.

Anyway, in news of production, I have officially reopened my RPG site! Infected Night go check it out! Yes, it has the same name of my writing project. Why you might ask? The RPG is loosely based on it. :) Still working on getting new members though. Hint, hint, hint.

And now, before I have to go to work I’m going to squeeze in as much writing as I can… before I become distracted again.

Listening To My aunt and cousin talking away.
Reading Spirit Bound – Richelle Mead
Writing Project Infected Night