The longer I sit here staring at this layout the more I want to change it. I’m also thinking of redoing all the content on here, to something that does not involve celebrities. Instead I could use pictures I have taken; it might even encourage me to start focusing more on photography. The content that does not involve graphics I want to get rid of. I’ve had the same visitor material since I opened this site when I was 15. That was five years ago. O_O I believe it is more than about time for me to finally add all new content.

I’ve reread some of the things in the Humor section and I have realized, it’s not funny anymore. I shall find more things that are actually funny and interesting. Or try to anyways.

Anyway, I’m at work right now. >_> So I have to get back to it and actually do what I’m paid to do, even though they don’t pay me enough. But enough of that, it’s a story for another day when I’m not at work. :)

Listening To The printer at work.
Reading River Marked by Patricia Briggs
Writing Project Infected Night

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