Road Trip!

I‘m so excited! At the end of June my cousin’s and I are going to take a road trip to B.C to visit their brother, Anthony. On our way their we are stopping in at Calgary, AB to spend a few days with their friend then head over to Nanaimo, BC. I also ordered the DSLR camera that I wanted, it should be arriving in my hands in the next few days, so I can’t wait for that either. :) And, after playing around with my cousin’s drawing tablet I discovered that it is easier to use than I thought it would be so I will be getting one in the near future. Now my days are going to feel very slow because of how badly I’m looking forward to going to B.C and having a new camera. Gah, don’t you just hate how that works?

Anyway, I’ve started watching a new show called Lost Girl, and I’m surprised at how good it is. I’m also surprised that I can watch the whole series, two seasons worth, legally online. :) I also like the fact that Ksenia Solo, she plays Kenzi, used to be in a TV show that was filmed in my high school, while I was still going there. It was not a popular show, since it was filmed in Saskatchewan, it was called Bronson Pelletier, who plays Jared in the Twilight movies, was also in that TV show. So… THEY WERE IN MY HIGH SCHOOL! I always liked watching it whenever I could because I just liked trying to figure out whose classroom they were using and such.

Now excuse me while I watch some more Lost Girl.

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