Victory is mine.

Listening To The traffic driving by
Reading The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton
Writing Project Infected Night

I finally figured out how to get wordpress working, and I have to say I prefer this to cutenews and fanupdate. It’s just a Hell of a lot more confusing and making themes is a huge challenge. However, I like what I can do with wordpress. I still have a few things I still need to do before this switch is complete. I need to transfer all the pages over to wordpress, so don’t mind the little unorganized mess you may come across around the site.

Recently I have been looking at many different blogs. Okay, just yesterday I started looking. I now have many different ideas I want to do with my site. I hope to start blogging more as I have more ideas. The main reason I never keep this place updated is because I never have anything interesting to talk about. But that shall change.

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