Basic HTML

Just a few simple HTML codes. Nothing too difficult.

Styled Text

<b>bold text</b>
<i>italic text</i>
<s>strike through</s>
<br> – to go to the next line. Just like pressing the enter key.

Adding Links

<a href=”http://url here” target=”_blank”>Link name here</a>
This opens in a new window.

<a href=”http://url here”>Link name here</a>
Opens in the same window

<a href=”http://url here”><img src=”image url” border=”0″></a>
Linking an image with no border.

To make a link open in a new window, just add target=”_blank”> after this <a href=”http://url here”> to get <a href=”http://url here” target=”_blank”>

<a href=”mailto:email@site”>Mail</a>
Link to an e-mail

Adding Images

<img src=”http://image url”>
<img src=”http://image url” align=”right”> = Right aligned
<img src=”http://image url” align=”left”> = Left aligned
<img src=”http://image url” align=”center”> = Center aligned

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