When my family first got internet back in 2004 I was on Neopets.com and discovered things like HTML and graphics. I saw many other people creating things, so I wanted to join in and I tried making things with Paint. I thought it was awesome, so I made my own web site and freewebs.com. I made my own graphics site called Dark Angel Graphix. In the long run it sucked. After a year or two I'd like to think I got better at creating things, but really there is only so much you can do with Paint. In 2006 I was given my first laptop and it had a little program called Photoshop 7. As soon as I started messing around with it I loved it. I then ditched the name Dark Angel Graphix and changed it to Imaginary Eyes. That site obviously didn't last long, I grew tired of it and really it just sucked. Around that time was when I noticed that most sites were blogs and I liked the idea of them so I wanted my own. >_<

I felt that I needed a blog to write, and I'm much too paranoid to keep a journal laying around my room. So I created Mysterious Soul November 23rd, 2006. I know this is less private than keeping an actual journal, but no one I know in person will read it. I don't really care who comes here, as long as I don't know you in person it's all good.

Behind the Name

Coming up with names for anything is a real challenge for me. It will take me a long time just to come up with one word, and then to make it sound right with another word. What really makes it even more challenging was that I wanted a name that no one else had, I wanted one all to myself. At first I tried Enchanted Soul, but then I found that someone else was using it. So I had to start all over again, but not completely. I wanted my site's name to have Soul in it. After awhile I decided I wanted it to be kind of mysterious. Then it hit me. And BAM. Mysterious Soul was born. >_<

Mysterious Soul was created on November 23rd, 2006

Past Layouts