Road Trip!

I‘m so excited! At the end of June my cousin’s and I are going to take a road trip to B.C to visit their brother, Anthony. On our way their we are stopping in at Calgary, AB to spend a few days with their friend then head over to Nanaimo, BC. I also ordered the DSLR camera that I wanted, it should be arriving in my hands in the next few days, so I can’t wait for that either. :) And, after playing around with my cousin’s drawing tablet I discovered that it is easier to use than I thought it would be so I will be getting one in the near future. Now my days are going to feel very slow because of how badly I’m looking forward to going to B.C and having a new camera. Gah, don’t you just hate how that works?

Anyway, I’ve started watching a new show called Lost Girl, and I’m surprised at how good it is. I’m also surprised that I can watch the whole series, two seasons worth, legally online. :) I also like the fact that Ksenia Solo, she plays Kenzi, used to be in a TV show that was filmed in my high school, while I was still going there. It was not a popular show, since it was filmed in Saskatchewan, it was called Bronson Pelletier, who plays Jared in the Twilight movies, was also in that TV show. So… THEY WERE IN MY HIGH SCHOOL! I always liked watching it whenever I could because I just liked trying to figure out whose classroom they were using and such.

Now excuse me while I watch some more Lost Girl.

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Writing Project Infected Night


So, it’s May now and I’m feeling a little stressed now. My cousin’s and I want to move, we’re running out of room in our apartment. When we first moved here we thought it was nice, and large for our first home together. Now that we have furniture, we are starting to feel crowded. We have no room for storage. Our Christmas tree? That’s sitting in a box beside the couch because we have no where to put it. Our place always looks like a mess when it’s not. The kitchen really bothers me. I can’t fit my coffee maker under the counter as the cupboards are too low, we have no counter space. My Kitchen Aid mixer has to get turned on its side under the counter. And the neighbors, my God. The ones that live right below us have the most rowdiest kids ever, they’re always running around, slamming things, stomping around so loudly that our floor vibrates. Their parents aren’t any better either, they go on Skype and have the volume up so loud we can hear it, but since they’re foreign we don’t know what the Hell they’re talking about. I’ve grown used to them, I can tolerate them to a point. Now the people that live right across from us I wish strangling was legal. They are loud, at 3am the woman will come home stomp up the stairs, slam the door open and slam it shut and slam the deadbolt. Then they fight. And scream and yell. They don’t do it all the time, but when they do we are all awake.

We want to move. But the biggest problem is that no one is pet friendly. I am not getting rid of my cat, I’ve had him for 7 or 8 years now. He is my family, I cannot and will not get rid of him. I rescued him from the Humane Society, I am not putting him back. Do you think we could find a new place, that is a bit bigger, affordable that allows pets? Pff, no. It really pisses me of, what does everyone have against animals? I’ll go on sites like Kijiji and change the search so that it gives me pet friendly results. Almost all of them are wanted ads posted by people that are looking for pet friendly places. The ads I do find for houses for rent ends up being $2000+/month. That is way too much money to be paying just to rent a place. That is more than mortgage for crying out loud. Even with better paying jobs, we still can’t afford that. >_< *sigh* We kind of wanted to buy a house at one point, but that would be too expensive; besides my cousins don't know what they want to go to school for and if they need to leave the province to do so. That's just another stress thing to think about. Haha Now on to something less stressful. I'm trying to save up my money to buy a DSLR camera, Canon EOS T3i, hopefully I will get it around summer time, but I doubt it. >_< After I own a DSLR I plan on getting a tablet. An original tablet, not that stupid new iPad kind, I'm talking about the kind that came first, you know a drawing tablet. I want to get the Wacom Intuos5. My cousin just got one the other day and she said I could borrow it. I may not be able to draw, but I could do something. Maybe make some photoshop brushes?

Oh, my god! Is it really 1:40 in the morning? I best be going to sleep now, I have to get up in the morning for work.
Good night.

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Writing Project Infected Night